an interior for Lieve

location: Louvain (BE)
completion: 2015
client: private
program: apartment interior
interior architecture: i.s.m.architecten
photographs: Luis Dìaz Dìaz
This renovation project provides an answer to several social tendencies. There is an influx of an elderly generation of inhabitants into the city, who will live in smaller surfaces and closer together. By re-evaluating valuable existing architecture in the city center, we try to respond to this phenomenon with a minimum of constructive interventions but with maximum use of the existing structure. Sometimes consciously not adjusting architecture can also be architecture. Thanks to a clever, fresh plan development tailored to Lieve, we try to optimize the existing architecture. Through the design we wanted to achieve an as spacious as possible setting for when she is alone while maintaining a certain level of privacy when someone stays over. The existing structural wall that runs through the two compartments forms the backbone of the plan. All the barriers we added are soft ones: glass doors, sliding doors and a pivoting cupboard, creating different degrees of transparency. Through the use of colour, the punctures of this structuring wall are articulated but only reveal themselves when a door is opened or a pivoting door is turned.