a set design for Christophe


location: Brussels (BE) – La Monnaie / De Munt
duration: 17.03.2017-02.04.2017
client: Christophe Coppens
program: set design
set design: i.s.m.architecten
production: La Monnaie / De Munt
with thanks to: Evi Hellebaut for her assistance to i.s.m.architecten in creating the model
photographs: Bernd Uhlig

i.s.m.architecten was invited by Christophe Coppens to assist him in the creation of the set design.
De decision was made to deviate from the traditional theater frame and to fully utilize the ‘banal’ abundant space of the operatent at Tour & Taxis. The set is conceived as a smeared, multipurpose space including an office and a cafeteria. Central on the stage, a large, open area offers space to the introduction of all kinds of mobile set pieces and props.