location: Heist-op-den-Berg
completion: competition, Vlaams Bouwmeester, OO3105
client: Academie voor Muziek, Woord, Dans en Academie voor Beeldende en Toegepaste Kunst
program: Renovation and extension of the Academie voor Muziek, Woord, Dans en Academie voor Beeldende en Toegepaste Kunst
masterplan: i.s.m.architecten i.c.w. Langarita-Navarro
images: i.s.m.architecten i.c.w. Langarita-Navarro
The starting point was the art campus as a place where experience, knowledge and creativity are exchanged, a creative place where added value is formed. The new campus as a building therefore had to be more than a mere fill-in and linking of the given output specifications and was conceived as a potential research tool and a carrier of shared and to be shared knowledge.
Through a number of formal references, the existing building continued to look back nostalgically to a past that it would never again fulfill (concert hall). The first action was therefore to cut away these references in order to give the building the chance to free itself from its past and to radically focus on the future.
The new design departs from the existing pedestal in dark brown fa├žade masonry, to maintain this height in favour of an unambiguous architectural intervention. A canopy extends as a connecting disk around the various building volumes, existing and new, and opens up at the heart of the campus. Here a semi-public square is situated, partly covered, partly outdoors, a blank that lends itself to multiple interpretations, exchanges, expositions. The square also forms an introduction to the building that is conceived as a single fluid exhibition space with different parameters and gradations.

View from the dancerooms onto the green buffer
View into the green patio
Square - canopy - auditorium - patio : outside workshop
View from the audiotorium onto the square and patio