an Interior design for ROBtv

ROBtv is a regional television station based in Louvain. The space is located in the REMY tower, a former factory near the town. of Louvain. They came to us with the wish to create a new reception and studio area. The main premises of the design was to design a window between these two elements, taking into account all the technical issues of light and acoustics. As the building itself is protected we searched for an equilibrium between the old and the new elements. Color accents in the curtains and the staircase give it a freshness. Aside from the reception desk, there’s a mini kitchenette and a library/waiting area.

location: Louvain(BE)
completion: 2015
client: ROB-tv
program: reception area and studio
i.s.m.architecten i.s.m. Tom Huycke
photographs: Luis Diaz Diaz