location: Antwerp (BE)
completion: 2016
client: Toneelhuis
program: renovation of an entrance hall
interior architecture: i.s.m.architecten i.c.w. Jelle Jespers
photographs: Luis Diaz Diaz

Commissioned by Toneelhuis and in collaboration with graphic designer Jelle Jespers/Ntrakt, the neo-classical front of house of the Bourla theater was stripped of all the noise that had been added to it in the past decades.
The newly set out lines are straightforward and reinforce the already existing architecture or connect to it in a modest way. Six new frameworks integrated in between the existing pillars introduce six functions in the entrance hall: stairwell, lift, kitchen, poster wall, service entrance and cash register). A mobile and multi-functional furniture is centrally arranged and serves as an additional ticket desk or seating furniture. In a second phase, i.s.m.architecten set out an introduction room, located in the hallway surrounding the theater.