a house for Vincent and Bea

location: Herentals (BE)
completion: 2015
client: private
program: a new low-energy house
architecture and interior architecture: i.s.m.architecten
photographs: Luis Dìaz Dìaz
In this low-energy single-family home, exterior and interior were created as a total project.
A rectangular compact volume in which kitchen, sanitary functions, storage space and circulation are combined, forms the functional core. Around this volume an open living area is created around which carefully detailed perforations in the outer facade establish relationships with the environment. In function of orientation and privacy, the front facade is more closed and the house opens up more towards the garden.
The logic of the plan gave us the opportunity to further deepen the house both in terms of detailing and materiality. In the façades, the main challenge was to incorporate the various elements in an aesthetic manner into the vertical wooden lattice work.
In the interior, material and color choices were tailored to the specific functions of the different rooms.
Because of its modest arrangement, the house is in the background in the surrounding green.